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Best islamic Ringtones 2016

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Best Islamic ringtones 2016 contain a large selection of the best and the most famous Islamic Singers and Mounshidin and Islamic Nasheed, Islamic Duaa, Arabic ringtones of 2016.This application is for all muslims in world and 100% free and will always be that way Inshallah, we gathered the most famous Islamic songs like :shafia alkhalaik, anta rassoul alahmado , Ya rahman , arkan islam, maher zain, sharab alboub , sawfa nabka houna , tifdaka ayni , months in islam song, Ramadan Songs, hayati koloha lilah, al karam song.This Beautiful islamic songs & ringtones contains also Islamic Nasheed or Nashid of famous Mounshidins from all over the arab world and also India India Malysia Bangladesh North AfricaIslamic Music was made after a hard work collecting all the best clips and then converting theme to an Islamic application to enjoy the songs in your daily life and also enjoy theme in important muslim celebrations: such as Ramadan, Eid al Adha, Eid al Fitr and many other.This Application is 100% free , no conxion needed , without music.List of Singers: ===========Mashary Al AfassyMeshary AlaradahYaser Abou OmarHumod AlkhudherRami Mohammadabdulrahman alkndariMaher ZainSami YousifFadel ShakerAppli Features:===========- Set as ringtone for android : change your ringtones to any of the application songs that you like- Set timer to wake up for prayer the sound : you can put any of the sounds to make you- Alarm Ringtones : set any Islamic sound as adhan to wake up for assubh prayers.- SMS Ringtones- Halal ringtones: which means no interments are used in the majority of the music
Legal info:========Sound clips used in Islamic songs app are under public domain license and/or Creative Commons’ license. Sounds from this app are not commercial sounds from video games. App design and code copyright Best Ringtones Apps – 2016.